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We strive to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for our appointments. All our artists take care in designing unique pieces with your influence in mind to make sure that you leave with a piece that is all your own. You get to work with our artists in brain storming between the reference photos you provide us as well as educating our clients with tattooing styles and techniques so that you're happy with your tattoo.

All tattoos are typically appointment only, if your looking to get a walk in tattoo please call the shop during our operation hours to see if anyone has a last minute cancellation or an opening that day. Please note; artists have their own individual schedules and may not be available right away.

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Cash Only

NOSE $50

EARS $40

ROOK $50





NIPPLE $50/$80 for both

Piercings are appointment only, please call ahead to reserve your spot.

Please note; we can no longer piercing minor even with parental consent

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